Stellenbosch, ideally situated in a magnificent mountain valley, boasts a mild Mediterranean climate and is the ideal destination from which to explore the Cape Winelands, Cape Town, the Peninsula and the many experiences that the area has to offer.

Stellenbosch is without a doubt one of the prettiest little towns in the whole of South Africa. Situated at the head of the Eerste (First) River Valley, it was one of the first valleys to be settled in. The area is full of charming scenes and rich in history. The towns and farmlands contain finely preserved examples of one of the most serene forms of domestic architecture found anywhere in the world - the Cape Dutch style.

This visual effect of Stellenbosch is of course, compounded by the fact that the town is surrounded by spectacular mountains and some of the world’s most famous vineyards adding to the town and region’s attractiveness to the local and international traveller.

Another major characteristic for Stellenbosch being such a popular destination is its vibrancy. It may be pretty and idyllic, but Stellenbosch remains a bustling town filled with busy people pursuing endless professions, as well as students studying at the world-renowned Stellenbosch University.

There is creativity everywhere here. And this is evident when you seek out the markets, bistros, eateries, fine dining restaurants and wine farms all around. The choices are endless, making this a top spot to visit for the day or longer.

Main Photo: ©Shutterstock