Suurbraak is a small rural village close to Swellendam and is mainly a farming community.

Originally established as a mission station in the folds of the Langeberg Mountains, the village is well worth a visit for its sense of history alone.

To this day, donkey carts are a favoured mode of transport for locals and it is not unusual to see horses, sheep and cattle grazing in rambling gardens! Streets are lined with giant oak trees and buildings are less than ornate and utterly charming. Most have survived the march of time and date back to the early 1800s. Off the main town square you can see the original church, parsonage and school building.

Touring this charming village is best on foot, but if you want to be transported back in time, take a horse-and-carriage ride, or saddle up and see the town from a horse’s viewpoint!

The townsfolk are known for their enjoyment of music and festivals, so there is often a vibrancy about this sleepy village. 

There are several horseback, biking, walking and hiking trails, the best known of which is the one-hour De Oude Meulen Hiking Trail. The Meuldam (Mill Dam) is a natural rock pool in the kloof across the river. Breathtaking scenery, fynbos (Cape Flora), ancient oaks and abundant bird- and wildlife can be found along the trail.

Main Photo: ©Shutterstock