Nelspoort, 40km north of Beaufort West, is a town known for its fresh air and healing surroundings. Once occupied by the San, the area is home to the largest collection of rock art in the Cape Karoo. Today, visitors can explore these and many other attractions and go on farm holidays and hiking trails. 

Nelspoort is the site of a now-famous sanatorium and remedial haven for chest ailment sufferers. It is remembered to this day for visits from royals seeking clean therapeutic air.

The presence of water and varied biomes made this the ideal home for southern Africa’s first people – the Bushmen. Later Khoe herders (also known as ‘Khoi-khoi’ and previously as ‘Hotttentots’) and white farmers settled. Each of these cultures has left their mark on the landscape but the most striking of these is the rock engravings drawn by the Bushmen and Khoe herders. Visitors will also notice a certain amount of graffiti on the rocks of the area, drawn by more recent settlers!