Step away from Facebook and the hustle and bustle of city life, and replenish your sense of peace and tranquility in the peaceful hamlet of Greyton.

Oak-lined streets and lush country gardens compliment pretty thatched roof houses and friendly locals sit chatting to visitors at sidewalk tables; such is the nature of life in Greyton.

Nature beckons… there are many scenic hikes in and around Greyton, or you can take a leisurely pedal through the village before heading out towards the mountain paths that lead to cool crevasses and ponds. Hiking, mountain-biking and horse-riding are favourite pastimes in Greyton.

People travel from far and wide to attend Greyton’s morning market where everything from fresh local and organic produce, to home-crafted items, paintings, sculptures and jewellery can be found. Savour a full range of locally produced, delicious cheeses from creamy petit fromage to BEST bier crumble. 

Main Photo: ©Shutterstock