This friendly, modern Cape Karoo Village steeped in history and tradition is only 280km from Cape Town and a worthwhile and hospitable stop on the N1 highway through the Great Karoo.

Laingsburg, named after the High commissioner at the time John Laing, was established in 1881 by Stephanus Greeff and his wife Martha. The town developed around the travelers and couriers who passed through and were accommodated by the Greeffs at their family home on Zoutkloof.    

Laingsburg has become a historical landmark through the devastating flood of 25 January 1981 when the town was almost entirely destroyed only a century after its founding. 104 inhabitants lost their lives and 184 houses were destroyed. More information about the flood is available at the Flood Museum. 

Laingsburg is a geological wonderland, situated on what was clearly the south-western edge of an ancient swamp that covered the central area of South Africa about 300 million years ago. On this geological outcrop, one of the most interesting in the Cape Karoo, weather-worn rock layers reveal much of what happened in pre-history. This and much more makes Laingsburg a happy meeting place for geologists, paleontologists, researchers and students from all over the world.