Winter is when this charming village is in its full glory, with the surrounding fields illuminated in hues of green and yellow.

With this natural beauty and proximity to Cape Town, it is no wonder that so many city dwellers have made this town their chosen getaway destination. Many of the old houses have been bought by ‘weekenders’ and lovingly restored to their former grace.

Named after the governor of the Cape at the time, Sir George Napier, Napier's main craftsmen were historically blacksmiths. The Dutch Reformed Church has rather unusual architecture, built in the form of a Greek cross with teak interior and a beautiful pipe organ.

With its narrow streets and quaint architecture, Napier is a town full of charm. Along the main road you will find many restaurants, galleries and a host of interesting collector’s shops including the Toy Museum. Other activities include horse riding, hiking (Grootberg trail), donkey cart and tractor rides, and rare species of fynbos (Cape Flora) as well as flocks of the South African national bird, the blue crane, can be seen in the area.

Don't miss out on a visit to Napier's cheese factories and microbrewery!

Main Photo: ©Shutterstock