Ghana fact sheet 2014

This country fact sheet provides key trade, investment and tourism related statistics for Ghana. Specifically, it shows global trade and investment flows including an analysis of top markets and products for Ghana in relation to South Africa and the Western Cape, highlighting the largest and fastest growing products and subsectors. It also investigates tourism trends for Ghana. Download the fact sheet PDF above.

Executive Summary: 


Ghana was a net importer of goods from 2006 to 2010. In 2010, however, the trend was reversed, with exports exceeding imports until 2013. 

Ghana’s global exports were valued at ZAR149.6bn in 2013, decreasing by 2.5%. Global imports in 2013 were valued at ZAR96.2bn declining by 16.1%. Imports and exports peaked in 2012 with ZAR114.6bn and ZAR153.4bn respectively. 

Ghana is the 74th largest global exporter and the 105th largest global importer. 

Transportation was the largest service export from Ghana valued at ZAR7.61bn. 

South Africa is the second largest destination market for Ghana’s exports and the sixth largest source market for Ghana’s imports. 

South Africa was a net importer to Ghana in 2013 with exports valued at ZAR3.99bn in 2013 and imports valued at ZAR27.21bn.

The Western Cape had a negative trade balance with Ghana in 2013. Western Cape exports reached ZAR606m in 2013 and imports were ZAR2.93bn. 


The most attractive sectors for inward investment (projects) in Ghana were financial services (20%), communications (13%), and metals (11%). 

The largest markets for FDI into Ghana were the United States (15%), the United Kingdom (14%) and South Africa (13%). 

Between January 2003 and July 2014 there was one FDI project from Ghana into South Africa. This project represented a total capital investment of ZAR75m and employed 19 people. Ghana-based Noble Dream financial services opened an operational office in South Africa. 

Between January 2003 and July 2014 a total of 4 FDI projects were recorded from the Western Cape. These projects represent a total capital investment of ZAR668.26m which is an average investment of ZAR166.72m per project. 


In 2013 arrivals to South Africa from Ghana reached 27 375, growing by 19.3%.